Best 5 Adoption Gifts for New Parents

If you know a couple who recently adopted a child then you have many different options for adoption gifts. Books magazines or even a piece of jewellery, there are several adoption gift ideas for those in your life who are a part of the adoption or foster care triad – from adoptive parents and birth parents to adoptees. Remember the majority of adoption gift shops send a percentage of their proceeds to benefit orphans located in different countries.

#1 Adoption Ornaments

This is probably one of the most popular gift ideas. Some are generic and work for any adoption, others can be personalized for your adoption story. A few of these items give back to the adoption community with proceeds from the sale going back to different adoption organizations.

#2 Adoption Themed Books

Choose from a variety of adoption books that have been already been reviewed to ease your purchase anxiety. Books for children or adults about foster care or adoption make great gifts for those working with or living as part of the adoption/foster care triad.

#3 Adoption Jewelry

You’ll find beautiful products that can be customized for any adoption story or for adoption in general.

#4 Flowers and House Warming Decor

Often people never consider buying the adoptee something to warm up their home like a fresh bouquet of flowers or even a decor pillow for the bedroom of the new adopted child.

#5 Magazine Subscription

Another great idea because of how much information can be learned from a magazine. Plus, there are a​ variety of magazines specifically made for adoptive parents, foster parents, and other members of the triad. If the family has adopted a child of another race then cultural magazines would be a great idea.

Check back soon as more contributors are proving ideas and this list will be growing!

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